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The original chocolate taffy, marijuana infused edible, known as Cheeba Chews™ was first cooked in Colorado with a simple question, "why can't anyone make a consistently potent cannabis infused edible for patients in need?". What was about to happen, no one expected. Watch the video


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Facts about Cheeba Chews

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How to make a Cheeba Chew

Consistency of quality

Cheeba Chews™ is dedicated to producing the highest quality cannabis infused edibles, delivering superior customer service and creating a reliable and enjoyable product line to consumers.

Medical Cannabis Infused Edibles

Sativa | 70mg THC


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Sativa | 70mg THC

Indica | 70mg THC


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Indica | 70mg THC

Hybrid | 70mg THC

Even Blend

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Hybrid | 70mg THC

Deca Dose™ | 175mg THC

Extra Strength

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Deca Dose™ | 175mg THC

High CBD | 20mg CBD, 50mg THC

Reduced Psychoactivity

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High CBD | 20mg CBD, 50mg THC

Pure CBD | 50mg CBD, 2mg THC


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Pure CBD | 50mg CBD, 2mg THC

Caramel Chew | 100mg THC

Enhanced Flavor

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Caramel Chew | 100mg THC

Mint Chocolate Chew | 100mg THC

Enhanced Flavor | CO Only

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Mint Chocolate Chew | 100mg THC

Green Hornet™ Gummies | 70mg THC

Mixed Fruit Flavor

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Green Hornet™ Gummies | 70mg THC

Independent Lab Test Results

Colorado Cannabis Extract Lab Tests (Potency | Microbiological | Solvent)

Alcohol Extracted Cannabis Oil:
Potency Test | Microbiological Test | Solvent Test

Butane Extracted Cannabis Oil:
Potency Test | Microbiological Test | Solvent Test

CBD Extracted Cannabis Oil:
Potency Test | Microbiological Test | Solvent Test

California Cannabis Extract Lab Tests (Potency | Microbiological | Solvent)

Alcohol Extracted Cannabis Oil:
Potency Test | Microbiological Test | Solvent Test

Butane Extracted Cannabis Oil:
Potency Test | Microbiological Test | Solvent Test

Extracted CBD Cannabis Oil:
Potency Test | Microbiological Test | Solvent Test

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State licensed dispensaries and collective can purchase wholesale products only!

Medical Locations Carrying Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews™ Locator Map

Thank you for your interest in Cheeba Chews™. As a state licensed manufacturer of medical cannabis infused edibles, products can be sold ONLY to state licensed facilities. Medical card holding patients can find state licensed facilities by searching below.

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What patients are saying

  • My father is a disabled Vietnam vet. He lost both his legs in combat when an artillery trailer exploded close range to him. For the next 45 years of his life, he suffered from a medical anomaly called phantom pains, as a result of his amputations. Basically what happens is, his severed nerve endings in his legs trigger sharp shooting pains in the area of his leg that isn’t even there anymore. Doctors tried everything to relieve the pain, but nothing worked because it is nerve related.
    This summer, a friend of mine introduced me to your product. After doing some research, and spending months of convincing my father to consider medical marijuana, I was able to talk him into splitting half of a quad dose CBD with me.
    Since his first time trying Cheeba Chews about two months ago, my dad signed up for his medical card, and Cheebas have become a regular part of his life.
    Thank you for providing the solution to a medical problem that took almost half a century to resolve. Your product has changed my fathers life (as well as mine) and we can’t thank you enough!

    — Protected Identity —
  • Hey guys i gotta share a feel good story and give a major shout out. Since January I’vE had a steady supply of the straight CBD cheeba chews supplied by Humboldt Patient Resource Clinic here in Arcata CA. I take one chew a night before i go to bed. The full 50mg CBD chew with 2mg THC. I have not had a single grand mal seizure in 6 months. I’ve been living with partial complex seizure disorder and grand mal seizures for 24 years man. I no longer have to take crazy psychologically clouding medications. No longer have doctors telling me what i can and cant do. My life has changed more than i could have ever imagined and i owe it to the works of ya’ll. Good lookin out keep up the good work.

    — Zach —
  • I’m a 62 year old man with several medical ailments. My son gave me a Quad Dose with the warning to “just do a quarter Pop’s”. I suffer from peripheral neuropathy in my feet, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and arthritis among other ailments that come from being 62 fat and out of shape. He knew I was in a lot of pain and suggested I try a “sample size”. I divided 1 piece into 8 smaller pieces. I started taking my “1/8” hit right after dinner. The very first night I was able to fall sound asleep with no “dancing feet”, the pain and uncomfortably had subsided enough that I was shocked at how quickly I could fall asleep with such minimal pain. The product that Cheeba Chews mention in their mission statement having to do with quality and consistency is AMAZING. I have to thank my son for the intro, BUT Cheeba Chews for a wonderful product. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    — Greg —
  • I have been using your products to control my epileptic seizures and about 2 months ago i bought 10 packs of the CBDs in the little blue boxes and this product is AMAZING!!!! It has completely stopped all of my seizures and I feel great!! I have dialed my body in to a perfect harmony on these CBD cheeba chews.  Bless you.    

    — Catelyn —
  • Broke my back in 3 places and fractured my neck, damaged nerves 7 yrs ago. Needed cadaver bones to rebuild back. Chronic pain and stress caused stroke and mild heart attack, and severe blood pressure during those 7 yrs. Took CHEEBA CHEWS FOR 6 MOS. and BP went down, menstrual cycle returned after 7 yrs.. Nerve pain and anxiety also went down. Still need meds due to fractured L5, and bone chips penetrating the spinal canal, but UNBELIEVABLE REPAIR of ENTIRE nervous and blood system. Doctors could never explain why I had severe nerve pain, blood disorders. ALL GONE OR REDUCED in 6 months after 7 years of useless treatments and literally dozens of different pills. Not to mention the costs and side effects. And Thank You DEA for forcing me to take MM by making it impossible to obtain pain meds on a regular basis and by harassing doctors who legally prescribe them.

    — Lisa, Alpha Medic —
  • I’m absolutely amazed!

    I moved out here last summer from the east coast and went cold turkey on all of my narcotics at the same time. I didn’t realize how screwed up I was until I got unscrewed. Unfortunately, being a chronic pain patient, that put me in a uncomfortable and painful “catch 22” so I decided to try the MMJ route. I’ve smoked my entire adult life but never really with a “medication” state of mind. After a year (narcotic free) I just tried your chews yesterday when the pain from a move got to be too much. I couldn’t believe the relief I got! I’ll be a repeat customer for sure and thank you so much!

    Green and sober

    — Susan —
  • — Lindsay —
  • I have tried many different edibles over the years and have always been disappointed. I was skeptical of Cheeba Chews but decided to try…WOW, absolutely the BEST edible on the market for MMJ patients. Does EXACTLY what I need it to and has cut my smoking down by almost 80% which thrills me. Thank you for creating an awesome medical product that WORKS and LASTS!~ I <3 Cheeba Chews!!!!!!! Everyone should try them, you will be blown away! [/testimonial_slide] [/testimonial_slider_box]

    Our Philosophy

    We expect our consumers and business partners to have confidence in the products bearing our name and that our products are manufactured in accordance with a guiding code of conduct.


    Cheeba Chews™ are medical grade cannabis infused edibles. Please consult your doctor for dosage recommendations.

    Tips to consider
    • Wait 30+ mins for effects
    • Stay hydrated
    • Don’t operate machinery


    Every batch of cannabis extract used in Cheeba Chews products is lab tested to ensure consistent, predictable dosing.

    Tips to consider
    • Effect can last 2-6 hours
    • Know desired effects before consuming
    • Make sure dosage is labeled


    When discretion is of the upmost importance, chews are available. Anytime, anywhere.

    Tips to consider
    • Keep chews in a cool, dry place
    • Re-wrap chew for freshness
    • Mix with your coffee

    As the cannabis industry continues to grow, successful entrepreneurs are separating themselves from the rest of the pack. Cheeba Chews, based in Colorado, has raced to the forefront of the “medibles” marketplace…Read full article.

    — High Times Magazine —


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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Unfortunately, No. Consistent with state mandated regulations, we can only sell to Licensed Retailers.


    You have a dedicated territory representative that provides industry standard wholesale pricing. If you’re having trouble reaching your rep, and would like to place an order, contact us through the wholesale order form above.


    Most stores carry Cheeba Chews, if yours does not, request they do. You can also check out our locator map here.


    Cheeba Chews are already priced at the lowest wholesale price possible. Each location sets their retail price. The DECA DOSE™ offers 10 doses at the price of 8 doses.


    Each Cheeba Chew is cut within precise weight tolerances, ensuring consistent medicinal effects every time for patients. We have perfected our process to consistently make the safest pharmaceutical grade cannabis extract possible, while activating 98%+ of the available cannabinoids. Every single batch of extract is tested for THC, CBD, and CBN content. We also test with edibles on a monthly basis to ensure that we are sticking to our promise of making the most potent and consistent cannabis edible on the market.

    *Dosage Information (these are estimates for an average tolerance, effects can vary greatly from one person to another)*
    Single Dose (17.5mg THC) – 1-2 bowl hits
    Double Dose (35mg THC) – 3-4 bowl hits
    Quad Dose (70mg THC)- Joint to yourself
    Deca Dose (175mg THC) – High Tolerance Patients Only

    If it’s your first time trying a Cheeba Chew we recommend 17.5mg THC/single dose, or 1/4 of a Quad Dose Chew. We never recommend consuming a whole Quad Dose your first time taking Cheeba Chews. With the correct dose, effects typically last between 2 – 6 hours.

    Time for Cheeba Chews effects to be felt vary greatly from one patient to another. Most will start to feel the effects around 30mins, but sometimes it can take 3hrs. This is dependent on how your individual body reacts to Cannabinoids. What you ate, and the amount of cannabis you smoked/consumed during the past 24 hours play a major role. Every patient is different.


    Medical cannabis users have long known that cooking cannabis into food can be a discreet and effective way of administering their medicine while avoiding the obvious risks involved with smoking their medicine. On the other hand, a major drawback to edible cannabis has often been that consistent dosage is very hard to achieve, especially for the home cook.

    The average home cook of marijuana edibles, and, unfortunately, some of the companies who produce edibles in medical states, tend to follow recipes along the lines of “grind a quarter ounce of bud into a pound of butter, simmer on the stove for two hours and strain.” While that technique certainly works, to a degree, there is simply no good way of determining the strength of the end product without simply eating some of it. These questionable dosages can easily lead to an ineffective under-dose, or an extremely unpleasant (but fortunately not health-threatening) overdose.

    Fortunately, for those who prefer to take their medicine in edible form, some cannabis edible companies have begun to employ methods that ensure that their products always contain a consistent level of medicine. Legalization of medical cannabis in some states has also allowed the laboratory testing of medicinal cannabis products. By testing each extraction before it is used in an edible for active THC, CBD, and CBN content, it allows us to produce consistent medicinal edible products whose active Cannabinoid content is always exactly the same.

    Medical cannabis patients need to be wary, though. Lack of regulation means that many companies are less than scrupulous in their labeling procedures. Many include inactive THC, which is essentially worthless when ingested orally, in their THC count to inate their numbers. Others label their products not with milligrams of THC, but with the total amount of extraction, or even raw plant material, which can lead to some impressive numbers on packages, but in effect does nothing to inform patients of the actual strength of the product. For Example, imagine that aspirin manufactures were simply unregulated. Perhaps one company would still label their product as 100mg, while another, less scrupulous company may label their version as 2500mg, indicating the amount of willow bark used in the pill, as opposed to the actual amount of the drug asprin. A person use to the 2500 mg pill might believe that they would need to take Twenty-five of the 100mg pills to achieve the same effect, with potentially disastrous results. Fortunately THC is much safer than aspirin, although, unfortunately, this imagined aspirin scenario is all too common in the world of cannabis edibles.

    It is imperative for a medical marijuana patient to be informed. Two very important questions to ask when attempting to decide on an edible product are: Is the product lab tested? And, does the label dosage reflect only the amount of active Cannabinoids present in the product? If these two questions cannot be answered satisfactorily, patients in medical cannabis states should know that there are many options available to them, and should consider one of those options instead.


    All positions are currently filled.

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