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What’s it like eating a marijuana edible?

While cannabis infused edibles are leading retail marijuana sales in Colorado, many people around the world haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing an edible. At least not the way professional organizations are producing them today. Years ago, grinding up marijuana and sprinkling it into your brownie mix was the standard way to make an…

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Side Effects of Cannabis Infused Edibles

As more people become educated on the medicinal and personalized value of cannabis, the more they’ll see the wide range of options of how they consume cannabis exists. One very popular way of consumption is with cannabis oil extract infused edibles. Many prefer edibles as the high sustains longer, and the simple fact that you…

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Caramel Chews hit the edible market | Cannabis infused edibles

Cheeba Chews is bringing back a favorite to the medical market in Colorado, and sending a new, fresh batch to California for the first time. Introducing The Caramel Chew Available in Sativa and Indica throughout Colorado, and as a Hybrid THC infused edible in California. This 100mg product is great as a stand alone edible,…

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The responsibility in edible dosing

As cannabis continues its legalization march, more people are coming in contact with the marijuana plant for healing a variety of ailments. With the exposure comes a learning curve for the innovative, and growing industry of edible manufacturing. One of the most important priorities for Cheeba Chews™ is educating consumers on achieving optimal dosing and…

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Cheeba Chews Colorado Production Update

After some growth challenges in Colorado in early 2014, the company is up and running, strong as ever. “Cheeba Chews has been cruising in the fast lane for the better part of five years, building a wildly popular brand of edibles in Colorado and expanding into two other states along the way…” Below is a…

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Marijuana edibles help with seizure disorder

PURE CBD CHEW HELPING CA PATIENT WITH SEIZURE RELIEF TESTIMONY: “Hey guys i gotta share a feel good story and give a major shout out. Since January I’ve had a steady supply of the straight CBD cheeba chews supplied by Humboldt Patient Resource Clinic here in Arcata CA. I take one chew a night before…

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