Cheeba Chews Colorado Production Update

After some growth challenges in Colorado in early 2014, the company is up and running, strong as ever.

“Cheeba Chews has been cruising in the fast lane for the better part of five years, building a wildly popular brand of edibles in Colorado and expanding into two other states along the way…”

Below is a link to a Q&A the executive team had with Marijuana Business Daily. Here’s a small sample from the interview:

How did you achieve your market penetration in Colorado, and what tips do you have for getting products on store shelves in this industry?

Howler: We’re in 300-plus dispensaries around Colorado. We’ve approached our business with a simple motto: Consistently provide a discreet cannabis-infused edible with reliable potency. Everyone in our organization is held to that standard.

We’re also strong believers in being unique and providing an edible that solves a real problem for patients.

Etch out your niche and serve it to the best of your abilities. Stay focused and hold yourself to high quality standards. That’s a good foundation for success in any industry.


Posted on August 19, 2014 in News

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