What’s it like eating a marijuana edible?

While cannabis infused edibles are leading retail marijuana sales in Colorado, many people around the world haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing an edible. At least not the way professional organizations are producing them today.

Years ago, grinding up marijuana and sprinkling it into your brownie mix was the standard way to make an edible…”weed brownies” were mostly inconsistent and besides, who likes getting a piece of cannabis stuck in-between your teeth? In 2009, Cheeba Chews™ became a leading edible provider by extracting cannabis oil from the marijuana plant. Using highly potent cannabis extract, the company infused it with a chocolate taffy base that created a recipe for success, helping to rapidly mature an entire industry.

What should I expect when eating an edible?

  1. The very first thing we tell all first time consumer of edibles: “Less is more!”. Always start with a smaller portion and follow the dosing recommendations on the packaging. If the packaging doesn’t assist you in understanding dosing levels of the product, don’t buy it!
  2. Secondly, be patient. Marijuana edibles can take up to a couple hours to activate in your system and there are a number of variables that can accelerate or delay that timeline, such has your metabolism and diet.
  3. Lastly, enjoy the experience. Edibles provide a different effect then smoking marijuana. You’ll start to feel more of a body buzz before any sort of head high. You’ll also feel the effects for a more extended period of time, up to 6 hours in some cases, but generally speaking around 2 hours of “peak” effects.

What are your desired effects?

Before venturing down to your local cannabis dispensary, make sure you do a little research on the type of relief you’re interested in. Here’s a short list to help get you started.

  1. Are you looking for something to relax or help you sleep better? An Indica dominant edible can help.
  2. Are you looking for something to help spark your creativity or provide a burst of psychoactivity? A Sativa dominant edible will do the trick
  3. Do you prefer to focus on the purely medicinal attributes of cannabis, without any of the psychoactive components? A high or pure CBD (cannabidiol) edible is what you’re looking for.

How much of an edible should I eat?

As we mentioned above, our theme is “less is more”. Colorado has settled on 10mg as a starting point for a “single dose“. For some, this is a good amount, for others it can be too much, and for others it might not be quite enough. We suggest you start with a single dose, and determine if you need more as you feel the effects. Also remember your tolerance will play a part in how much of an edible you should eat. You should also refrain from smoking marijuana prior to taking an edible, so you can clearly identify the effects and what your personal tolerance should be.

Posted on March 3, 2015 in News

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