The responsibility in edible dosing

As cannabis continues its legalization march, more people are coming in contact with the marijuana plant for healing a variety of ailments. With the exposure comes a learning curve for the innovative, and growing industry of edible manufacturing. One of the most important priorities for Cheeba Chews™ is educating consumers on achieving optimal dosing and the importance of tolerance limits (that vary from person to person).

Here is our simple, short list of reminders for all first time cannabis infused edible consumers:

  1. A little does a lot. First time edible consumers should always start with a small portion of a properly labeled and easily portioned edible.
  2. Medical strength edibles should be treated as such. The potency of high milligram doses are not for casual, or recreational use.
  3. Give it some time. Edible effects take (and last) longer than smoking cannabis.

Sharing our experiences and encouraging others to maintain a level of moderation helps secure proper regulations for the industry to flourish and grow so that we may reach the many others in need. Caring for the responsibility matters.

Dosing with marijuana edibles

Posted on October 1, 2014 in News

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