-As a Patient can I buy from Cheeba Chews directly?

Unfortunately, No. We can only sell to Licensed Retailers.

-I own a store and have been buying through your distributor. Can I buy from you directly?

We only sell through our distributors.

-Where can I buy Cheeba Chews?

Most stores carry Cheeba Chews, if yours does not, request they do. If you continue to have trouble locating them, Email with your Location/City and we will direct you to the nearest location.

-Where is the cheapest place to buy Cheeba Chews?

Retailers set their own prices. It's not possible for us to keep up to date on who has the best prices/specials.

-Do you guys offer any discount, or coupons?

Cheeba Chews are already priced at the lowest wholesale price possible. Each location sets their retail price. The DECA DOSE™ offers 10 doses at the price of 8 doses.

-Are you hiring?

All positions are currently filled.