Marijuana edibles help with seizure disorder


“Hey guys i gotta share a feel good story and give a major shout out. Since January I’ve had a steady supply of the straight CBD cheeba chews supplied by Humboldt Patient Resource Clinic here in Arcata CA. I take one chew a night before i go to bed. The full 50mg CBD chew with 2mg THC. I have not had a single grand mal seizure in 6 months.

I’ve been living with partial complex seizure disorder and grand mal seizures for 24 years man. I no longer have to take crazy psychologically clouding medications. No longer have doctors telling me what i can and cant do.

My life has changed more than i could have ever imagined and i owe it to the works of ya’ll. Good lookin out keep up the good work.”

**Note: Cheeba Chews™ has been been testing Pure CBD chews on the California market and currently offer a 50mg THC, 20mg CBD chew in all areas served.

Pure CBD Chew Independent Lab Test Result

Posted on August 15, 2014 in News

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  1. Adrienne
    May 24, 2015 at 5:53 pm · Reply

    I had not been able to get my seizures under control for years until I tried the 2mg THC Cheeba Chews! The RX medications Had horrible side effects & rendered me unable to maintain a normal functioning life. I had to stop practicing law because my brain wouldn’t work right. 3 of my doctors recommended that I stop taking medication & try marijuana. Having been raised in a law enforcement family and Not wanting to smoke weed, I was opposed to taking that route. After years of desperation, I turned to the 2mg THC version of Cheeba & I’ve had AMAZING results! At the beginning of a seizure, I will take a tiny bite & after about 20 minutes, I’m able to resume working & carry on with normal brain functioning as if I never knew what a seizure was in the first place! I’m able to practice law again, too! My husband is a retired cop & was opposed to it until he saw the results & how quickly they work for seizures. I am now the biggest advocate of Cheebas and so is he! I haven’t tried the stronger doses, so I can only recommend the version with the THC mostly strained out.

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