Side Effects of Cannabis Infused Edibles

As more people become educated on the medicinal and personalized value of cannabis, the more they’ll see the wide range of options of how they consume cannabis exists.

One very popular way of consumption is with cannabis oil extract infused edibles. Many prefer edibles as the high sustains longer, and the simple fact that you don’t need to inhale smoke to receive the plant’s benefits.

While side effects of Cannabis Infused Edibles are limited, they typically appear when an individual consumes more than their ideal dosage. Each person has a unique tolerance and first time consumers should start with a 10-20mg THC portion. We’ll address a few of the more common side effects of over consumption here:

  • Cotton Mouth – Generally speaking, you only feel the effects of a dry mouth when you consume more than your optimal amount of THC oil. A simple glass of water will help with quick relief.
  • Anxiety – Another common reaction when you consume more than your optimal dosage is the feeling of tension or anxiety. The good news is these feelings will wear off in a few hours and no harm will have been done. Stay calm, breathe normally and focus on positive thoughts.
  • Hung Over – Lastly, when you take too much of a marijuana edible, it’s possible for your body and mind to feel a little lethargic and tired once the effects wear off. Make sure you’re drinking lots of water and watch your portions.

Starting with smaller portions of an edible, and evaluating the effects after 30-45 minutes will give you a good indication as to what sort of tolerance level your body is at, and how much you should consume given your desired effects.

Posted on January 7, 2015 in News

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  1. John
    February 15, 2016 at 2:44 am · Reply

    How long can a cheeba chew be stored? Can it be frozen?

    • Cheeba Chews
      February 18, 2016 at 1:07 am · Reply

      Chocolate taffy has a long and stable shelf life. Up to a couple years. Keeping it in the freezer or fridge is perfectly fine, and actually helps the label peal off a little easier!

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