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Products manufactured at our state compliant facilities are sold to licensed dispensaries only. We do not currently have the ability to sell directly to consumers.

You can currently find Cheeba Chews™ at licensed facilities in Colorado, California, Nevada, and Oklahoma. Please view our map here to find closest locations to you.

Medical strength CO gummies!

@rigatonisopran0 Toward the end of my buddy’s wedding reception, he made an announcement that there was a surprise outside. It was an In-N-Out cookout truck. I was high off my ass on a Cheeba Chew and pretty sure I shed tears of joy

Life hack: Pick up edibles at the store and never deal with weed smoke again. 😅 @CheebaChew back us up!! #CannabisCulture #TemescalWellnessMA

Cheeba chew for my pulled glute.

Have you had your #DECADOSE yet?!?!

These 175mg chocolate taffy's from @CheebaChew are JUST what you need for the day! 💯💯🌄

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