Sleepy Chews Chocolate Taffy

New Alternative To Your Sleep Routine

Having trouble falling asleep? Tired of tossing and turning all night? Need a sleep-aid alternative? Interested in trying THC + CBN for those restless evenings? We got chew!

What is CBN?

A mildly psychoactive compound found in cannabis (and hemp) plants, CBN (cannabinol) was the first cannabinoid isolated from cannabis in the 1800s. Despite these early findings, the limitations of research on CBN can be traced back to the federal regulations around the cannabis plant.

CBN(A) is converted through air and/or light exposure of THC(A) over a prolonged period of time. It’s currently found in trace amounts and difficult to source.

Why CBN plus THC?

In order to trigger the sedative effects of CBN, our limited studies have shown THC provides an entourage effect for enhanced drowsiness. Individual cannabinoids do provide positive wellness effects, but combining these two specific cannabinoids, there’s an amplification of CBN’s sedative impact.

Why Cheeba Chews CBN Edibles?

To achieve the desired sleepy effects of a CBN edible, generally speaking, you won’t need a large dosage of CBN (with THC). To maximize our products in regulated markets, that have a limit on THC amounts (100mg per package), Cheeba Chews™ Sleepy Chews Chocolate Taffy has 20 pieces in a package, with 5mg of THC and 2.5mg of CBN in each piece. Many weeks worth of rest in one tiny package.

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3 thoughts on “Sleepy Chews Chocolate Taffy

  1. Got some of these in Reno, NV. Love them! They are just what I need! But…they seem to have disappeared from all local dispensaries. Are they coming back???

  2. Best thing ever! My 84 yr old mom had to take narcotics for pain and to help sleep. Tore her stomach up. We stopped all narcotics and started her on sleepy time chews! Sure worked for her! I get them monthly from our local dispensary here in Mesquite NV.

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