Minor Cannabinoids, Major Effects! CBG

Our multi-award winning Trifecta chews are anchored by the powers of CBG. So what are the real benefits?

What is CBG?

THC and CBD begin as CBGA, the acidic form of CBG. This is why younger cannabis plants contain a higher concentration of CBG. CBG is non-psychoactive with some similar features to CBD and THC due to its interaction with CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors.

While CBG will not get you high, it may produce a mild cognitive effect. You can feel more in-tune or focused on whatever you’re working on without overstimulating your brain too much.

Great results with depression and anxiety

A recent study of cannabis consumers reported that their conditions were ‘‘very much improved’’ or ‘‘much improved’’ with the usage of cannabis strains utilizing high levels of CBG. Furthermore, 73.9% claimed the superiority of CBG-predominant cannabis over conventional medicines for chronic pain, 80% for depression, 73% for insomnia, and 78.3% for anxiety.

Why combine CBG, CBD, and THC?

Beyond the well known advantages of the ‘entourage effect’, Cheeba Chews™ created a unique and award winning blend of THC, CBG, and CBD to help consumers experience the impact on their ‘mind, body, and spirit’, allowing the psychoactive effects of THC to compliment the physical and emotional benefits of CBD and CBG. The blend helps provide a subtle buzz with increased focus and clarity. By isolating the cannabinoids and equally blending them into each bite size caramel, consumers can now enjoy cannabis in their daily routine without worrying about any overwhelming effects.

Don’t worry. Be happy!

2 thoughts on “Minor Cannabinoids, Major Effects! CBG

  1. I can’t find Cheeba Chews 2:1:1 caramel trifecta that I bought a few wks ago at kcmo dispensary. It is a 2:1:1 as written on back of pkg. I can’t find it on cheebachews website either. Is this a product not being marketed anymore? Any help appreciated!

    1. Hey Barbara, we only have a 1:1:1 trifecta available. We do have a 2:1 sleepy chew (THC:CBN) ratio, both of which should be full stocked across the state, but demand is high in MO and product moves off shelves very fast.

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