‘Take a break’ with Joint Relief

Suffering from bicycle seat butt? How about pickle jar twisting wrist? When you’re feeling a little worn down, reach for the joint relief of CBC, CBD, and THC for a pick me up.

He’s not a doctor, but…

What is CBC?

The 3rd most abundant cannabinoid (behind CBD and THC), cannabichromene (CBC), has been our wellness list for a while. There are a variety of clinical studies linked to physical and emotional relief experienced. The biggest opportunity we saw, was how well CBC connects with and enhances the effects of accompanying cannabinoids. From there, we went to work formulating a recipe to infuse into our salted caramel.

Our goal: to provide an edible experience that has you buzzing about your day, in active recovery mode.

What is the Joint Relief Recipe?

Once we had an understanding on the true super powers of CBC, we put together a 10, 6, and 5 combination that provides a ‘feel good’ experience wrapped in a flavorful salted caramel chew.
Joint Relief Salted Caramel

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